The CharMaker is a transportable batch pyrolysis technology applicable to any log or stick sized woody biomass which can be used to make standard charcoal as well as biochar. Read more

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Green Man Char


Green Man Char products are sustainably produced in Australia using the CharMaker technology. The Green Man charcoal and biochar products can be used for agriculture, industry and gourmet cooking.

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With extensive experience in sustainable biomass production, bioenergy plant design and carbon credit generation, we have the capacity to assist you in all aspects of developing your bioenergy project. Read more

Recent News


Sep-2017 - Dr John Sanderson to present at 2017 Bioenergy Conference in Ararat on 11-12 Sep 2017 Read more

Aug-2017 - Dr Adrian Morphett presented at Australia and New Zealand Biochar Conference 2017 Read more

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