Earth Systems is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm. We develop and implement innovative and effective solutions in areas as diverse as environmental and social management and impact assessments, water management and treatment, energy and carbon, waste management, climate change, international development, and sustainability and environmental information.

Earth Systems have successfully completed hundreds of projects in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America and the Pacific since 1993.

We have built our reputation on high quality, objective, innovative and value-adding service that reflects the environmental expectations of the present and anticipates those of the future. Professional excellence and integrity, high standards of business ethics and quality service are the foundation of our commitment to our customers.

Earth Systems, as a leading international supplier of environmental technology, information and services, offers a suite of services tailored to organisations that are ready to undertake the challenge of financial sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

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Earth Systems has built a small and dedicated team of carbon and energy experts to deliver services in the greenhouse gas and energy sectors. Our highly qualified engineering team has focused on the development of bioenergy projects that deliver energy and carbon outcomes with net beneficial environmental outcomes. We have extensive experience in engineering of biomass, bioenergy and biochar systems, having designed several configurations of gasification, pyrolysis and batch carboniser plants for energy, biochar or pyrolysis oil production.

We are committed to forging long term partnerships with our clients to help ensure they are able to maximise any opportunities that climate change will bring while also assisting to manage the inherent business risks.

Who are we?

The Energy and Carbon division of Earth Systems develops and implements innovative and effective solutions in the energy and carbon sector. With our experience and technical expertise, we have successfully delivered high quality work uniquely tailored to meet our clients’ needs. 

What do we do?

Overall, we provide specialist advice and practical engineering capabilities in areas focusing on energy efficiency initiatives, energy generation, waste-to-energy technologies, energy auditing, mandatory compliance identification and review, as well as carbon emission reductions and credit origination through internationally recognised schemes.

Services We Offer

Energy and carbon:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) and NGER auditing services: Earth Systems can ensure your organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions are properly managed and mandatory reporting obligations are identified and met. Earth Systems engineers are PhD qualified and are registered under the NGER framework as registered auditors (Category 1 [Technical]).

  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities Studies and Audits: Earth Systems has the expertise to identify energy efficiency improvements that could reduce your organisation’s energy costs while cutting your overall greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Renewable Resource Mapping and Pre-Feasibility Assessments: Earth Systems has experience and expertise in conducting a thorough first-pass assessment on determining renewable energy solutions most suited for a region or town based on analysis of local energy use and vulnerability, electricity grid characteristics, and detailed mapping of available renewable resources (such as wind, solar and biomass). This enables technically and economically viable options to be shortlisted and provides foundations for further full feasibility studies and implementation of best option long term local renewable energy generation.

  • Carbon Mitigation and Credit Generation: Earth Systems provides Kyoto Protocol CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) consultation services. These services include identifying, planning and guiding project developers through the difficult registration process that is required to generate carbon credits and gain a valuable income stream for the project. More recently, Earth Systems has provided services in the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), assisting landholders generate projects under this new scheme.


  • Bioenergy and Waste-to-Energy: With our expertise in combustion, pyrolysis, and gasification, Earth Systems is able to develop a bioenergy or waste-to-energy solution specific to your feedstock and circumstances.

  • Biochar Production: Biochar, as a char product derived from biomass, has the potential to enhance soil properties for agricultural purposes and is a means of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon. Through our expertise in biomass gasification and pyrolysis techniques, Earth Systems can develop biochar production strategies to suit your needs.

  • Feasibility studies: Our bioenergy process engineering team can provide an assessment of your proposed biomass-to-energy projects involving processes such as combustion, gasification, fluidised bed, digestion or pyrolysis.

  • Custom bioenergy engineering design: Earth Systems has specialist expertise in the design and application of various bioenergy conversion systems, including fixed and fluidised bed gasifiers, pyrolysers, combustors, hydrothermal processes and other reactors. Earth Systems engineers are hands on, and are heavily involved in the design and manufacturing process of suitable technology solutions where applicable.

  • Analytical services: As part of the design process, analytical testing to evaluate feed stock properties, process performance and emissions can be provided. This forms a key part of the biomass risk assessment process.

  • Carbon credit generation potential: We provide services for the generation of carbon credits from bioenergy projects including liaising with potential carbon credit buyers and providing technical advice to project developers on risk management and value of the credits generated.

  • Independent advice: Earth Systems is not affiliated with any particular technology suppliers; hence we are able to provide you with an independent review of any proposed bioenergy project regardless of the chosen technology.

Who do we work for

Our clients are diverse in size and nature and include private companies, government instrumentalities and international aid agencies. We actively collaborate with organisations from both the private and public sectors to ensure that the required expertise is brought to a project.

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