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Earth Systems has a team of dedicated environmental engineers who are experts in pyrolysis processes and our services can be designed to match individual client’s specific biochar needs.The CharMaker MPP20 is the latest transportable batch pyrolysis technology developed by Earth Systems for the production of biochar. It has been trialled over 20 feedstocks, is easily transportable, and can turn waste biomass into a valuable commodity. It can also come with a number of add-ons including bio-liquid processing and biomass drying units.The CharMaker has been trialled successfully at numerous locations across Australia and internationally. For more information on Earth Systems biochar production services and related recent projects, please click here.

If you are interested in purchasing biochar in either small or bulk quantities, you can now do so by visiting Green Man Char website here. A brief information sheet on Green Man Char Biochar is available for download below.

Alternatively, you can contact us by email or phone.

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