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Charmaker MPP 20

Earth Systems’ CharMaker – Mobile Pyrolysis Plant (MPP 20 and MPP 40) is a transportable batch pyrolysis technology applicable to any log or stick sized woody biomass – chipping of the biomass is not required. The CharMaker has already trialed over 20 feedstocks, some with moisture contents over 50%. The technology can also be used to make standard charcoal as well as biochar. The technology is particularly ideal where transport or economic issues make recovery difficult, chipping costs are expensive, or a process is needed for biomass treatment without smoke emissions (e.g. urban environment).

Recently, Earth Systems’ CharMaker has also been installed and operated at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) in Hong Kong to assist with their biomass waste management and biochar application for native revegetation.

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CharMaker loaded for first time in Hong Kong


Project Partners

This technology was developed for North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA) as part of Victorian State Government’s Smart Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Market Validation Program (MVP) via the Department of Business and Innovation (DBI). The Earth Systems and NECMA project team gratefully acknowledges the financial and other support of the Victorian Government Smart SMEs MVP.

The following organisations were project partners in the development of this technology:


The following video shows the partnership and the development of CharMaker technology.