Continuous CharMaker CPP


Earth Systems has developed a new CharMaker Continuous Pyrolysis Plant (CPP), a continuous pyrolysis technology specifically designed to pyrolyse biomass of small size into high-quality biochar and liquid products. 

The CharMaker CPP is a continuous pyrolysis system that will operate in a continuous manner while feed stock is provided. The CPP is a very efficient technology, utilising the energy of the feedstock to drive the pyrolysis process - this keeps external energy inputs and the environmental footprint of the machine very low. Pyrolysis is the high-temperature treatment of biomass in a low-oxygen environment to produce a special form of char known as biochar. 

The technology is useful for the treatment of waste biomass that incurs cost for disposal. As well, the high temperature treatment is effective for high risk material such as invasive wood species, biosecurity risk or pathogen risk biomass providing a method of complete destruction. A sophisticated thermal oxidiser arrangement makes the technology suitable for contaminated biomass sources. The CPP units can also be deployed with heat energy recovery and bolt-on bio-liquids recovery for a longer-term fixed bioenergy hub arrangement.





Project Partners

Recently, Earth Systems’ CharMaker CPP has been installed and operated for Compost Or in Isreal for the pyrolysis and conversion of sludge and green waste material.


CharMaker CPP Technology & Process

The CharMaker Continuous Pyrolysis Plant (CPP) consists of a furnace pyrolysis chamber, a thermal oxidiser emissions chamber, and a control panel.

The pyrolysis process applied in the CharMaker pyrolysis zone is an efficient and self-sustaining one. Additional burners, controls and safety systems have been built around the pyrolysis zone to enable the process to proceed with minimal operator intervention, keep environmental emissions to a minimum and use the minimal amount of external energy inputs for operation. However, much depends on the specifics of the feedstock being processed, especially the physical size and level of moisture in the material.

The CharMaker CPP is wood species independent offering a flexible technology solution. The CPP can be operated on various feedstocks and has been tested extensively on various materials including stable waste. This includes; Rice Hulls, Mulch, Wet & Dry Greenwaste, Olive pips, Wood pellets, Compost pellets, Biosolids (sludge) and feedstocks with 50% moisture content is also possible (if used in conjunction with the pre-dryer option).

The CPP operates at approximately 200 kg/hr to 2.0 tonnes per hour feedstock depending on scale of the unit and converts approximately 25% to biochar dry basis. The CharMaker CPP is a patented technology and relies on a novel and invented rapid pyrolysis process pioneered specifically for the CharMaker technology.

Technical Data for the CharMaker (CPP)




CharMaker Continuous Pyrolysis Plant (CPP)


Earth Systems


To produce biochar from various biomass feedstocks including wood, vegetable matter and agricultural residues with moisture contents up to 45% wet basis and that meet feedstock specifications.


Approximately 200 kg/hr to 2 tonnes per hour feedstock input wet basis depending on feedstock characteristics and moisture content.

Continuous Process

The CPP is a continuously operated machine.


Pyrolysis converts biomass to biochar at approximately 25% dry basis.

Biochar Product

The CharMaker produces a high fixed carbon biochar product, with an average fixed carbon content of greater than 75% as determined by proximate analysis for woody biomass feedstocks. For high ash content feedstocks this could be lower. The CharMaker slow pyrolysis conditions target a biochar temperature of ~500°C. This creates a high quality biochar product with properties beneficial for various applications including soil conditioning.


Three automatically controlled zones: pyrolysis chamber, thermal oxidiser and dryer (optonal).

Thermal Heat Sources

a) Ignition source: 1 or 2 x burner

b) Thermal oxidiser: 1 or 2 burner

IP rating IP50 (rain roof cover required). Must have good ventilation around machine. Open sided work site preferred.

Water Supply

External water tank or main supply.

Target Temperature


Maximum Temperature

a) Pyrolysis chamber - 1050°C

b) Thermal oxidiser - 1100°C


Three phase. 120~240VAC, 12VDC

Maximum Dimensions

Varies dending on scale

Maximum Weight (CharMaker)

1.5 - 8 tonnes depending on scale

Lifting Equipment Required Install


Special Foundations Required

A flat area, without bumps or undulations. The CharMaker must also be installed within a maximum of 3 degrees off horizontal.

Compressed air

90~110 PSI

CharMaker CPP Specification Sheet