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September 2017 – 2017 Bioenergy Forum Workshop  and Field Tour in Ararat 

2017 Ararat Bioenergy ConferenceDr John Sanderson will be presenting at the Bioenergy Conference in Ararat on 11th -12th September 2017.

The conference is held by the Victorian Bioenergy Network and its aim is to provide local government businesses, community groups and others interested in reducing their energy costs and environmental impact, and learning more about how bioenergy benefits us all.

John will provide background on the development and progress with our Charmaker, which is currently generating energy and biochar via installations in both Australia and overseas, as well as holding a bioenergy workshop to provide participants with basic knowledge on bioenergy systems.

Please click here to find out more about the conference and how to register.

August 2017 – Australia and New Zealand Biochar Conference 2017

Our biochar team members Dr Adrian Morphett has recently presented at the Australia and New Zealand Biochar Conference 2017 (ANZBC17) in NSW on our CharMaker technology, Green Man Char, and wood vinegar.

Click here to find out more about ANZBC17.

April & May 2017 – Biochar Workshops with Growing Abundance and Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens

Earth Systems’ biochar team members John Sanderson and Lann Falconer recently presented an introductory biochar workshop and a biochar makers day with Growing Abundance and Mount Alexander Fruit Gardens.

Click here to see details of the workshops.

March 2017 – Biochar Feature in Earth Garden Magazine























To read the full article, please click HERE


Bulleen Art and Garden Green Man Char

August 2016 – Green Man Char Products at Bulleen Art & Garden and Ceres Nursery


You can now grab Green Man Char products from Bulleen Art & Garden at 6 Manningham Road West, Bulleen, VIC 3105 and CERES Permaculture and Bushfood Nursery at Cnr Roberts & Stewart Sts, Brunswick East, VIC 3057.

They’re open 7 days a week 9 am – 5 pm.







May 2016 – Green Man Char Products Now Available!!

Green Man Char Products pic

At Green Man Char we offer char / biochar based soil improvers for all your gardening and horticultural needs. Our products improve the physical structure of soil, increase its water holding capacity, increase nutrient retention and enhance plant growth. We also provide charcoal for gourmet cooking.

Green Man products are sustainably produced in Australia using the CharMaker technology. The Green Man charcoal and biochar products can be used for agriculture, industry and gourmet cooking.

Please visit the Green Man Char website here for more product and purchase information.

January 2016 – Earth Systems CharMaker MPP20 featured in British Biochar Foundation Newsletter

EarBritish Biochar News iconth Systems’ CharMaker MPP20 project in Hong Kong has been covered by British Biochar Foundation (BBF) in their January 2016 newsletter. The article reviews the biochar production project in Hong Kong’s Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) to assist with native species revegetation and biomass waste management. 

Read full article here.



September 2015 – Successful Biochar Field Trial in Karoonda, South Australia

The biochar field trial hosted by Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Association (see below) was a successful event with Earth Systems’ CharMaker MPP20 producing high quality biochar from oil mallee trees of various dimensions and moisture content.

Click here to read more.

August 2015 – On-farm Production of Biochar on September 10th 2015 in Karoonda, South Australia

Murray Valley Roadshow Flyer_v3Earth Systems will showcase the CharMaker MPP20 in a biochar field day hosted by the Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Association. The field day will demonstrate the production of biochar using sustainably grown and harvested Oil Mallee Plantations. 

The field day will be held on 10 September 2015 in Karoonda, South Australia from 10.30 am – 1.30 pm.

Please see more details and register your attendance by following the instruction in the flyer here or download the PDF version.




Another successful field trial in Karoonda, converting oil mallee to biochar! Check out the highlights of the trial below.



May 2015 – Turning Waste into High Value Product: Earth Systems’ CharMaker Converted Coleman Rail’s Wooden Floor Blocks to Biochar 

coleman-rail2During the tender process of the Preston Tram Workshops held by Coleman Rail, the wooden floor blocks, located in Yarra Trams’ old industrial workshops, were identified as disposable landfill. However, through value engineering and collaboration with Earth Systems, a potential purpose for the floor blocks was identified that in turn reduced the project’s total landfill, i.e. conversion to biochar.

Click here to read more about the project and here to view the original article from Coleman Rail’s website (or download the PDF version here).

April 2015 – Earth Systems at 2015 ICF National Conference: Tree Health, Resilience, and Sustainability in UK

ICF ConferenceEarth Systems was the R&D Poster Zone Sponsor at the conference held in Cardiff (UK) on 22-23 April 2015.  

The conference discussed tree health challenges facing UK forestry ways to resolve these issues with inputs from national and international experts. The conference also focused on solutions, including planning for resilience, practical responses in the field, as well as messages for government and the profession. 

Visit here to find out more about the conference.

March 2015 – Melbourne Federation Square Carbon Audit by Earth Systems

Fed Square has achieved carbon neutrality following an audit conducted by Earth Systems. 

Fed Square now carbon neutral





February 2015 – Earth Systems to Install and Commission 4th CharMaker MPP20 Unit in Hong Kong

Earth Systems shall construct, install, and commission a full biochar production process based around the CharMaker MPP technology at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) Corporation in Hong Kong . The unit will process locally sourced woody biomass resources that meet feedstock specifications and transform this material to a high quality biochar product. Watch this space for more development on this project.

January 2015 – Biosecurity in the Black – Biochar Article in the Chartered Forester Magazine

Chartered Forester iconEarth Systems has had a biochar article published in the Chartered Forester magazine in the UK. This article first appeared in the Autumn 2014 issue of Chartered Forester, the magazine for members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), and is reproduced by kind permission of the ICF.

Click the magazine cover to read the full article.







September 2014 – Earth Systems Presenting at Bio-CharFest Mullumbimby 2014

John Sanderson from Earth Systems was featured in Byron Shire News for his CharMaker MPP20 presentation at the Bio-CharFest Mullumbimby 2014. CharMaker MPP20 was a ‘big-hit’ at the festival.

Click the picture below to read the full article.

Earth Systems at Bio-CharFest Mullumbimby 2014


July-2014 – Earth Systems Presenting at British Biochar Foundation Conference in UK

Chris Smithies from Earth Systems presents with a live feed from Australia explaining how Earth Systems’ CharMaker MPP20 produce biochar at the British Biochar Foundation (BBF) Conference in the UK held on 7-8 July 2014. Click here for the presentation materials and here for the video of the presentation.



June-2014 – CharMaker MPP20 Northern Territory Roadshow 2014 Successfully Completed

Click here to for more information and highlights of the roadshow



May-2014 –  Biochar Field Day near Lal Lal at Blue Gum Plantation on WIN News


May-2014 – Biochar Roadshow on ABC Rural

Biochar roadshow begins in Alice Springs 

Read the full article and listen to Dr Adrian Morphett of Earth Systems speaks about the Northern Territory’s emerging biochar industry here.

Interest growing in ‘charmaking’ technology

NT Biochar Roadshow generating strong interest  from potential feedstock suppliers due to Earth Systems’ ‘charmaking’ technology. Read full article and listen to Azain Raban’s interview here.

May-2014 – The NT Biochar Roadshow and Workshops Have Now Commenced! 

The NT biochar demonstrations and workshops have commenced and first stop is Alice Springs. Earth Systems have partnered with Terrritory Natural Resource Management to deliver a series of informative workshops and biochar production demonstrations across the Northern Territory in May 2014. The workshops will provide an opportunity to hear from experts in the field about the potential benefits of biochar for land management, waste management and sustainable agriculture while the biochar production demonstration will allow stakeholders to see a state of the art mobile pyrolysis technology working first hand. Biochar produced in the trials will be used for subsequent agricultural field trials at each location.

Roadshow activities will be held at the following locations on the dates below:

  • Darwin – Wednesday 28th May 2014
  • Groote Eylandt – Tuesday 3rd June 2014
  • Douglas Daly – Friday 23rd May 2014
  • Katherine – Tuesday 20th May 2014
  • Alice Springs – Wednesday 14th May

To find more details of the roadshow, visit our CharMaker road trips page here or visit the TNRM Biochar Roadshow 2014 page here.

photo 3 photo 2


May-2014 – Biochar Field Day near Lal Lal at Blue Gum Plantation on 7 May 2014

Ballarat Region Treegrowers (the local branch of Australian Forest Growers) will host a biochar field day on Wednesday, 7 May 2014 at the Scotts’ property on 155 Iron Mine Rd, Lal Lal (VIC) from 2 pm to 4 pm. The field day will focus on the process of turning blue gum logs into biochar using Earth Systems’ CharMaker MPP20. The biochar produced could be used on the farm as soil amendment or sold to provide alternative source of income. In addition, there will also be discussions on plantation management, bioenergy opportunities from woody biomass, and other markets for wood. See the following article for more details.

Lal Lal Field Day


May-2014 – CharMaker Presentation at Australian Emissions Reduction Summit and Marketplace 

Dr John Sanderson, Principal Engineer at Earth Systems, will be presenting at the Australian Reduction Summit and Marketplace about the CharMaker at the MCG, Melbourne. The Australian Emissions Reduction Summit and Marketplace will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne on 5-6 May 2014. The first day will include high-level conference exploring contemporary business challenges and opportunities in the transition to a low carbon economy. The second day is a ‘marketplace’ event where organisations looking to manage energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions can connect and do business with Australia’s leading low carbon technology providers. In addition, the Summit will also focus on the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) White Paper, which is the Australian Government’s key approach to meeting national climate policy targets. Dr John Sanderson’s presentation is scheduled on 6 May between 11am – 12.30pm. For more information about the Summit, please download the program below.

Australian Carbon Reduction Summit icon

April-2014 – NT Biochar Roadshow and Workshops in Autumn 2014

Following the successful implementation of the Biochar Soil Trials Pilot Project in 2013, Earth Systems and Territory Natural Resource Management (NRM) are taking the CharMaker MPP20 on a roadshow to promote sustainable agriculture in the Northern Territory.

Biochar production demonstrations will be held in Alice Springs, Douglas Daly, and Darwin/Litchfield. A series of Biochar workshops will also be held in Alice Springs, Ti-Tree, Katherine, Douglas Daly, Darwin/Litchfield, and Grooyte Eylandt, while biochar soil demonstration sites will be established in Ti-Tree and Katherine (or Douglas Daly).

March-2014 – First NT Biochar Trials Successful

The field trial conducted in Northern Territory to investigate the effects of biochar on crop productivity and soil health in horticultural production has shown positive results. An increase in total soil carbon and organic matter, soil pH, and available water capacity were observed in the trial plots as a result of biochar application.  A 25% increase in crop yield was also observed in one of the biochar treated zucchini plots. The farmer reported that the zucchinis produced from the trials were among the best that had been produced on the farm. Further trialling and use of biochar is recommended in the Northern Territory to identify optimum technical and economic application for different soil and crop types. Biochar application has the potential to enhance agricultural productivity in the Northern Territory. Click on the pdf file below for more details on the trial results.

NT field trial icon_v2

December-2013 – New Charmaker MPP20

The new Charmaker MPP20… Purchased by SelectCarbon, the new Charmaker MPP20 was transported up to Queensland and first run with Mahogany feedstock. See the photos below. 

November-2013 – “Farm trial points to biochar boosting Top End crops” by ABC News 24

Earth Systems’ and Territory Natural Resource Management’s  biochar soil trials conducted at an organic farm in NT was featured on ABC News. The trials spanned over 4 months at a 2 ha site consisting of zucchini and watermelon plots. The biochar was produced and supplied by Earth Systems’ CharMaker MPP20 using waste wood as the feedstock. Key results of the trials include a 25% crop yield increase in one of the zucchini plots, increased pH, and available water capacity.

Click here to read more about the soil trials.

November-2013 – “Options for the Northern Territory to make biochar” – ABC Rural

Matt Brann speaks to Azain Raban from Earth Systems, about the options available to make biochar in the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory has a number of options for producing biochar out of locally available waste biomass materials.

November-2013 – “Growing zucchinis in a biochar trial” – ABC Rural

Matt Brann speaks to David Boehme about his biochar trial. Earth Systems recently presented on the progress of the NT biochar soil trials at the Territory Natural Resource Management forum in Darwin on the 6 – 7 November 2013. This forum brought together a variety of groups involved in natural resource management from all around the Territory to share projects, ideas and opportunities. Earth Systems also hosted a field day to showcase the trials.

August-2013 – ABC Rural Interview: “Biochar Trials Head North” 

Although biochar trials have been conducted on Australian farms for years now, it has rarely been tested on horticultural crops, and has never been trialled as far north as Darwin until now.

Click here to read the full article listen to the interview.

July-2013 – Northern Territory Soil Trials

bands of biochar prior to it being dug into the soil 2

Earth Systems are about to conduct a number of soil trials in the Northern Territory investigating the effects of biochar on crop productivity and soil health. The project will run between August and November 2013 and will be conducted in partnership with the Territory Natural Resources Management Board and the NT Farmers Association. Watch this space for further information on this exciting project.

June-2013 – Charmaker Roadshows


Between April and June 2013 the Earth Systems Carbon and Energy team took their MPP20 CharMaker technology on another road trip spanning eastern Australia. First stop on the road trip was Dubbo for an on farm demonstration and an appearance at the Dubbo Carbon Farming Conference. Then it was off to Mildura for the Mildura Field days followed by a week long demonstration near Cairns in far north Queensland.

May-2013 – ABC Bush Telegraph Interview: “Farmers using weed to shrink Australia’s carbon footprint”

Interview with a local farmer from western NSW, Dr. Adrian Morphett (Earth Systems), and Dr. Lukas Van Zwieten (NSW Department of Primary Industries) on CharMaker application in relation to woody weed management.

May 2013 – Mildura CharMaker MPP20 Road Show

Sunraysia Daily_Mildura media


April-2013 – “Bio-industry Focus” by Western Magazine

Western Magazine

Western Magazine


Media of the NSW Regional CharMaker MPP20 Road Show

November 2012 – Central West Catchment Management Authority (CWCMA) Australia


October and November 2012

Central West CMA Field Day Interview


Western Advocate (Aust) – 24 Oct 2012 and The Land (Aust) – 7 Nov 2012


The Chronicle (Aust) – 8th Nov 2012 and Nyngan Observer (Aust) – 25th Oct 2012


Waste Management (Aust) and Bathurst Regional Council (Aust)


Biochar Technical Reference Group (international)