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Earth Systems’ expertise in the carbon and energy field enables us to offer clients services spanning from technology solutions for energy generation (especially biomass-to-energy), renewable energy mapping, greenhouse gas and energy auditing and verification, as well as carbon mitigation.

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We also offer various technologies for a range of energy and carbon projects, including:

  • Pyrolysis technology – Earth Systems have developed an innovative pyrolysis technology applicable to batch and continuous processing of biomass and waste streams, either in a fixed or mobile plant configuration. Outputs can be customised to your requirements and can include:
    • char products, e.g. biochar or charcoal;
    • condensates, e.g. wood vinegar and pyrolysis oils;
    • heat; and
    • electricity.

The flagship for the pyrolysis technology suite is the Charmaker MPP20, a mobile batch pyrolysis unit capable of converting unchipped waste biomass to char and other products. These units are available for hire or sale.

  • Gasification – Gasification is a thermal decomposition process converting carbonaceous materials (organic or fossil fuel) to fuel gases. We offer engineering expertise in the design and manufacture of gasification equipment and process for specific feedstocks as well as undertake due diligence on plant section from third party manufacturers. We can also provide troubleshooting and maintenance assistance for existing plant operators.
  • Hydrothermal Processing – This is a thermal process for converting wet biomass feedstocks to crude biofuel products. Earth Systems has undertaken extensive development work on the application of hydrothermal processes to challenging feedstocks such as biosolids.
  • Fluidised Bed Technology – We also offer expertise in fluidised bed technology; an ideal technology for enhancing chemical reactions due to its exceptional heat / mass transfer characteristics.


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