Bioenergy and Waste-to-Energy

Earth Systems recognises the growing importance of the biomass and bioenergy sector for renewable energy production and carbon capture benefits. With experience in sustainable biomass production, bioenergy plant design and carbon credit generation, we have the capacity to assist you in all aspects of developing your bioenergy / waste-to-energy project.

Earth Systems has in-house engineering design expertise in thermo-chemical processes. We have the capacity to develop bioenergy or waste-to-energy solutions specific to individual project circumstances. We are familiar with all of the most common commercial bioenergy options, including combustion, pyrolysis and gasification processes as well as a variety of applicable power cycles such as steam, ORC, Otto, Diesel, Stirling and tri-generation options. In addition to project design, we can provide independent assessment of the technical merits of a third-party technology solution to assist project developers in minimising technical risk.

Earth Systems is not affiliated with any particular supplier, and therefore we are able to provide independent, objective advice and non-biased comparisons of proposed bioenergy technology.


Our bioenergy services include:

  • Preparation and independent assessment of Feasibility Studies;
  • Engineering design (including specialist expertise in applications for fixed and fluidized beds gasifiers, pyrolysers, and super critical water reactors);
  • Novel bioenergy process development, including hydrothermal and supercritical water processing options for wet biosolid wastes;
  • Experimental scoping study on hydrothermal processing of sewage sludge;
  • Modification / adaptation of engines to use alternative fuels;
  • Prototyping workshop for cost-effective bench and pilot-scale prototyping;
  • Analytical testing of initial feedstock characteristics, pyrolysis liquids, and product gas composition;
  • Assessment of carbon credits generation opportunities; and
  • Carbon accounting services to quantify the full life-cycle emission benefits of a bioenergy process.

Recent Projects

Earth Systems personnel have worked with the private sector, governments and research organisations to develop solutions for sustainable use and supply of energy. Relevant experience includes: