Services and Technology

Earth Systems’ expertise in the carbon and energy field enables us to offer clients services spanning from technology solutions for energy generation (especially biomass-to-energy), renewable energy mapping, greenhouse gas and energy auditing and verification, as well as carbon mitigation.

  • Bioenergy and waste-to-energy
  • Energy efficiency and emission auditing services
  • Carbon mitigation and credit generation

We also offer various technologies for a range of energy and carbon projects, including:

Recent Projects

  • Turning Waste into High Value Product.

  • In-field processing of contaminated railway sleepers.

  • Technical feasibility and process assessment of biosolids pyrolysis.

  • Technology R&D: Beneficial reuse of biosolids from wastewater treatment plants.

  • Biomass-to-energy feasibility study for Kangaroo Island.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Audit for Federation Square in Melbourne CBD.

  • Development and commissioning of a prototype batch pyrolysis technology for conversion of waste wood to biochar, suitable for operation in remote areas.