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SV Resource grant picThe resource assessment grants from Sustainability Victoria (SV) are now open and Earth Systems can help you maximise your chance in getting the grants. The grants provide funding for eligible businesses to review their activities and to identify and implement energy and materials efficiency improvements.

Eligible businesses are able to receive funding to cover 50% of the cost to engage a consultant to conduct resource assessment of their operations or a maximum of $5,000 for an energy assessment and $10,000 for a materials or combined materials and energy assessment.

The assessments will help identify main activities to reduce materials and energy use and to create targeted step-by-step implementation plans to ensure those reductions are achievable. This will result in overall lower operating costs, lower carbon footprint, and reduced waste.

There is also a $3,000 implementation support bonus for businesses that can show evidence of implementing one or more recommendations from their assessment.

Application for resource assessment grants is now open for a limited time until:

  • 4 pm 31 March 2016 for energy assessments; and
  • 4 pm 13 May 2016 for materials assessments and for combined materials and energy assessments.

Click here to read more about the grants from SV website.

With our expertise and experience in providing resource efficiency assessments, Earth Systems can help you with the entire energy and materials efficiency improvement process – starting with the assessment report, through to the grants application process, and all the way to implementation phase.

The assessment report is the key component in getting approval for the grant as it will be the basis for merits evaluation. Our reports are consistent with SV’s requirements and related Standards (AS/NZS 3598 Type 2 for energy assessments). The report will include the following:

  • The scope of the assessment;
  • The methodology of assessment;
  • The total energy used for the operations (GJ) and/or quantity of the key material/s (in kg or tonnes);
  • The total cost of energy and/or of each key material;
  • The percentage of total cost with respect to operating costs;
  • For materials assessment, the purchase to disposal ratio for the key wastes and the true cost of the waste; and
  • Recommendations with indicative financial benefits.

We will guide you through the grant process and assist you in submitting all the necessary documentation to SV on time. 

Please contact us for this opportunity before the application closing date.

To read more about our energy efficiency and auditing services and recent projects, please click here.

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